Confidentiality: How will my information be kept confidential?

Throughout the focus groups we will be taking note of sentiments, discussions and points made by participants. In order to ensure confidentiality, we will not be attributing any names or identifying descriptors in our notes. The overall intention of this process is to hear directly from racialized, Queer women and gender diverse youth and in doing so, we recognize that safety and confidentiality is especially important to Queer community members. Participants are welcome and encouraged to identify topics or comments that they would like to be removed from any data collected. 

Transparency: Where will this research go?

The information gathered from the focus groups will be summarized into a report that will inform the development of Platform’s programming for racialized, Queer women and gender-diverse youth. Key aspects from the focus groups will then be distilled into a “lessons learned” framework that will be shared online, through both our website and social media. Any information shared publicly will not include any identifying information of participants. In order to ensure ongoing consent, we will be sharing the final draft of the report to all participants involved before public release. Participants will be welcome to edit and review the report as they see fit. In this way, youth are active participants in the development and creation of report and subsequent content created. 

Representative facilitation: Who is facilitating the focus groups? 

The focus groups will be facilitated by Platform staff. Bio’s and general information of facilitators will be shared with participants beforehand, along with the questions that will guide discussions. We hope that the focus groups are not only an intentional space of learning, but a space that is safe(r) for racialized, Queer women and gender diverse youth. The space will be co-led by members of the community and a staff member at Platform who will be taking notes of general ideas and sentiments of the discussion. 

Monetary compensation: Will I be compensated for my time? 

Platform will compensate each participant with an honorarium of $25 for the survey and $50 for partcipation in a focus group in order to honour the lived experience and expertise of each youth present. 

Commitment to mutuality: What is my role in this?

Through Platform, we recognize that research can often be extractive, dismissive and cold towards research participants. Ultimately, the purpose of these focus groups is to co-create programming specific to racialized, queer young women and gender diverse youth. In doing so, we can provide any youth with references and offer up future opportunities to be involved in program development/participation in order to hone and further develop the often unrecognized knowledge and skills of youth. The focus groups will be based on a principle of mutuality and non-hierarchical leadership and will ensure that youth involved are compensated not only monetarily, but also through the acquisition of new skills and ways of framing these skills to others.