Addressing  Gender-Based Violence in Civic Institutions

With the ongoing gender-based violence (GBV) against women and gender-diverse people in our civic institutions, we hosted two events focused on systemic change toward consent culture in politics and civic spaces.

From demanding changes to the Canada Elections Act to holding space for past candidates and voters to demand action against GBV, we responded to publicized experiences of GBV during the 2020 federal election and reached 140 community members.

Our workshops and offerings included:

A conversation on ‘Challenging Rape Culture in Canadian Politics’

A conversation with former
Parliament Hill staffer and provincial election Candidate, Beisan Zubi

A Digital Rally 

Rally to demand accountability from elected officials and civic institutions including MPP Chris Glover, Anti-GBV activist Roslyn Talusan, and public policy leader and past provincial election candidate Chi Nguyen

Knowledge transfer opportunities about GBV in civic institutions

including an Op-Ed, by our Managing Director Arezoo Najibzadeh, published on the Hill Times

Addressing Sexual Violence Tool Kit