Rowa Mohamed (she/her)

Managing Director

I am a first generation Sudanese woman and I am currently the Managing Director at Platform Canada.  I have deep roots in the community as a worker and organizer across Ontario; working in antiracism education and youth civic engagement in London ON, organizing with youth on housing and disability justice in Hamilton ON, and coordinating Black youth mentorship and education in Toronto, ON.I have worked within Platform including as Training and Education Programs Manager since 2021.

I specialized in program and project management for the Civic Engagement program and the Healing Together Program, and lead GBV research on Black Muslimahs. With a Health Sciences background, I work with community partners to deliver workshops and events focused on learning about community organizing and civic engagement, creating healing and wellness spaces for Black Muslims,  and platforming community members with their initiatives. 

Outside of Platform, she is a part of the Roots to Justice steering committee, which aims to achieve sustainable access to produce using principles of food justice and disability justice. 

Gachi Issa (she/her)

Program Coordinator- Research and Advocacy

Gachi is the Research and Advocacy Coordinator at Platform and is researching the programming needs of racialized and Queer youth to better inform Platform’s programming. Gachi is interested in supporting Platform in developing toolkits and conducting research on civic engagement across so-called Canada.

Gachi Issa is currently a Black justice community worker in the Ontario legal clinic system and works towards connecting Black community members to free legal services. Within this work, she has supported many victims of police brutality and violence, advocates for Black tenants and the community at large and uses law as a tool to address systemic anti-Blck racism. Gachi completed a bachelor’s at McMaster University, but the bulk of her education is grounded in years of experience as a grassroots community organizer in Hamilton, Ontario. She was the co-founder of the Hamilton Encampment Support Network and Hamilton Students For Justice, where years’ worth of research, advocacy and organizing culminated in the termination of the Police Liason Program at the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. Gachi is a part-time poet and a proud eldest daughter. 

Her favourite quote, from Audre Lorde, is: “The white fathers told us: I think therefore I am. The black goddess within each of us – the poet – whispers in our dreams; I feel, therefore I can be free.”

Raghad El Niwairi (she/her)

Program Coordinator – Healing Together

Raghad El Niwairi is a Sudanese Muslimah living in London, Ontario. She grew up watching news broadcasting as a child and was, like many others, moved by the social issues she witnessed on TV.

Since then, she has committed most of her childhood and adolescence to hands-on community and advocacy work. This has led to her receiving various volunteer-based awards and to working on projects such as the InterAction Collective.

Continuing her community work and advocacy, she is currently a Program Coordinator at Platform and the Co-founder and Director of Community Care & Consultation for the London School of Racialized Leaders.

Sarah Tariq

Program Coordination- Communications

 Sarah is the Communications Program Coordinator at Platform. 

She is experienced in developing mentorship programs for youth, including founding Badass Muslimah, a web design and podcasting workshop series for young Muslim women and gender diverse people.

She has shared her expertise in digital media and cybersecurity through workshops on digital safety and privacy. Sarah is committed to creating equitable and diverse internet and digital world. She is excited to continue work with platform to empower communities across Canada.

Janine Ayoub

Fractional Fundraiser

Janine is co-founder and director at YAMM Services, through which she offers consulting services to nonprofits. Fundraising is at the core, and she’s a certified Fractional Fundraiser (active member in the network). Through YAMM, she offers more comprehensive services in program development, marketing and strategic support when needed. She is supported by a team of communication experts and storytellers.
Janine has international experience and has led fundraising activities for non-profit with donors globally. In her free time, she’s co-founding/replicating a non-profit called “Ticket for Change Lebanon”. She also learns and shares learning about anti-oppression and equity initiatives.

Board of Directors

Saman Tabasinejad

Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah

Rhona Rahmani

Jade Sullivan