Solidarity for Collective Liberation

Jan 29, 2024

Throughout the world, and particularly across Canada, young people, including young women and gender diverse youth are mobilizing in spite of adverse criminalization, a culture of fear and in honor of a radical desire for a new, justice-oriented and probable future of liberation. On our devices, we are witnessing Palestinians broadcast a genocide against their people and Indigenous land and water defenders also resisting the ongoing genocide of their people and theft of their land here nationally, we are witnessing capitalist expansion for resources steal the lives of Black children in Congo and we are witnessing the gender based violence of war in the backlash of revolution against an oppressive regime in Sudan. We reject the idea that to witness is all we can do as resistance. 


Coupled with all this, is a groundswell of life-affirming organizing resulting in hundreds of thousands marching on the street, demanding our elected representatives to take a moral and political stand. Amidst all of this, we are called to reckon with the world around us – with the constant death, political instability brought forth by centuries of oppression and colonial expansion. 


Too often, we are told that global and international affairs are separate from our day to day lives, and yet, we know inexplicably that the threads that connect us to all life are undeniable. In the same way, our histories, stories and cultures are linked through migration and it does a disservice to our collective commitment to community to not feel obligated to act. Our histories in Canada are undeniable as well. As Canadians, we are bound by colonization, and are complicit in Indigenous erasure and genocide that is ongoing and everpresent. At Platform, we believe in the value of connection, that these struggles are connected and call for us to think about our investment in liberation. 


Platform is committed to encourage young, Black, Indigenous and racialized young women, femmes and gender diverse youth to become civically and politically engaged. We are also invested in supporting young changemakers and equipping them with the tools to mobilize and take action. Our commitment is to challenge and disrupt policies, organizations and institutions that impede the collective liberation of Black, Indigenous and Racialized women and gender diverse people. We have a responsibility to conduct research, platform voices and ideas that are erased, do advocacy work for those silenced, share educational and training resources.


Our work then, at Platform, is deeply invested in the collective liberation of all life, of all lands and of movements seeking to re-imagine how we relate to each other. We assert that all struggles against anti-black racism, Indigenous sovereignty in occupied Canada, Queer and trans liberation and all struggles for justice globally, are bound together. These struggles are different in nature and yet simultaneously connected through colonial, racist and capitalist forces. Collective solidarity is our obligation and is the only path forward in our continued struggle for freedom. Platform’s work is directly invested in civic engagement and mobilizing for social change. Understanding our role in solidarity and shared struggle is a key part of this. We believe in a free Palestine, in the same way, we are invested in the freedom of all oppressed peoples across occupied Canada and globally. Moving beyond statements, we hope to stay true to our beliefs and honor our shared responsibility for liberation.